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Yes, I’m Playing D&D Online.

I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons now. I play it like a champ- with a lot of whining, inability to pay attention to the plot, and constantly asking for assistance. I am that kind of player. You know, the kind of player on Saturday night that spills red wine all over the monopoly money and then […]

Interview on “A Book and a Chat with Barry”

Enjoy some more ramblin’ podcast time with Forbes West.  Click on the coffee, friend.     Barry Eva (Storyheart) Author of “Across the Pond” and “The Bathroom Book of Romance” Book Site: Radio Host of “A Book and a Chat” Radio Blog: A Book and a Chat archives: New Visions Show Archives Old Blog Talk Radio […]

Back on March 10th, 2015 On the Border was featured on Cinema Nova, a program with North Bay TV. Enjoy our film as well as some great others.


Cinema Nova 17 from Crowhaven on Vimeo.



Cinema Nova 17 (with On the Border) 3/10/15



      WHAT’S THIS? Snazzy new cover????? NIGHTHAWKS AT THE MISSION???   WHAT’S THIS, AGAIN? It’s for $1.00 RIGHT NOW.   NOW, SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS THIS AGAIN? A SALE. FOR A DAMN GOOD BOOK. “This is a compelling look at what the term “Go west, young man” might mean in a SciFi future when […]