Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! (An AW Blog Post)

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here!


Zombies. Nuclear attacks. Sadistic criminal gangs. Freakish monsters. Evil Bureaucrats. Mad Scientists. Polar bears.

Welcome to Apocalypse Weird’s world, everybody! Yes, it’s dark. Darker than you ever imagined. It’s sick and cruel and twisted and ugly and you’ll wonder about their mental states and the current spiritual status of the writers.

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Well, that’s cool if you do that. You should. Really. Apocalypse Weird isn’t everyone’s pile of tea or however that phrase went but if you’ve gone this far to check out what Apocalypse Weird is, you’ll know that you’re signing up for seeing some crazy stuff.


It’s good to dive into this grim sector of the collective imagination. As writers, we do indulge our darkness and let it loose on the page. We entertain ourselves for a while making up all this crazy stuff and then let you step into our pitch-black playpen once we are ready for the market. The real world, for lack of a better phrase, has become frightening in many different ways. The constant news of mass shootings, serial killers, terrorist atrocities, madness and horror flooding the airwaves and the web make it seem that just around the corner, the one fear of all mankind, the big D, is going to snap us or our loved ones up. By writing out the craziest scenarios of doom and gloom, we take a moment to exercise (or exorcise?) our brain and shake all that nonsense loose and make it into entertainment.


So you should read about and exercise (exorcise) your own brain and see what we did. Wanna see humanity at it’s absolute worst? Wanna put yourself in the shoes of desperate survivors trying not to be eaten by freakish cannibals? Come on in to Apocalypse Weird. Indulge yourself. Have fun reading nightmares and well-written bad dreams. You’ll have fun and have a nice distraction from the real monsters stalking the land. And also realize that things ain’t so bad at the same time once you put one of our books down and take a breath. When you read about our stuff and spend time in murderous make believe, you’ll eventually snap out of it and realize, gee, things in the real world look so, so much better. Sort of like when you dive into an ice cold pool and then lay out in the 80 degree sun. Just feels better, somehow, the contrast of feelings fantastic.


The world sort of sucks right now. Not so bad, mind you, but to quote Leonard Cohen, everybody’s got this broken feelin’ like their father or dog just died it seems. And you know what I’m talking about. Ugly weird stuff on the rise. Apocalypse Weird sort of taps into the common modern realist zeitgeist. It really ain’t the cheery and bright tales of early Star Trek, in other words. We are boldly going towards hell in Apocalypse Weird.


Like our own world, you might say? I don’t think. Personally, I’m an optimist. Things are on the up and up, more or less.


You should remember that only two generations ago, there really was an anti-Christ figure (with a crooked symbol suspiciously looking like a bent cross) with an incredibly organized and dangerous military hell bent on world domination. Industrialized mass murder, for six years, was his pet policy. He took on the greatest economy (USA!) the greatest empire in history (UK!) and the greatest army (Damn Communists!) and basically won the war before making avoidable mistake after mistake. He probably would have gotten away with it too if he wasn’t for those meddling kids who died by the thousands fighting his people (and also because he was jacked to the gills on speed and vitamin b shots). Oh, and his best friends were insane militarists who were only defeated by a massive super weapon the likes of which had never been seen in human history and for all intents and purposes was science fiction becoming a terrible reality.


By the end of the entire thing, millions were dead and buried, whole families gone, cities in rubble, and he did the proper thing by shooting himself in a bunker.


And that really, really happened. And we moved on in the world and things got, again, more or less better, even with certain events in recent history. Take a moment to think about it when you see some of that funny stuff on the news.


In Apocalypse Weird, all our bad stuff will not happen until the stars are right, so you can just have a fun little time in our horror-verse and then return to the safe and sound confines of 21st century living.


Until the stars are right. And then it’ll be weird all over.

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Forbes West was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and graduated with a Master's Degree in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach. He currently lives and works mostly in San Francisco, CA and owns a home in Ojima, Japan- a village five hours south of Tokyo by car that is in the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

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