Monthly Archives: November 2015

Live at the Benbow Inn: Tails of the Apocalypse Special

Coming out November 20th, 2015- Tails of the Apocalypse! Live at the Benbow Inn Special! Discussing the release of Tails of the Apocalypse with authors Michael Bunker, Chris Pourteau, David Adams, Nick Cole and Jennifer Ellis. Tails of the Apocalypse Nobility. Self-Sacrifice. Unconditional Love. These are the qualities of the heroic animals in this collection. […]

Have You Ever Thought About the World Ending, You Jerk?

Have you? I don’t think so. I know that for a fact. Really, I do. You see, you are here, sitting in front of your computer, complacent as a cat on a warm windowsill, thinking, well the end will never come for me. I’m just going to play with ball of yarn and think of […]

Episode 5: A Long Climb for Werewolves

An ancient Lizard Man sent the party on a road trip to find the God Bridge! This adventure features an excruciating climb, epic rope fails, a Bard foaming with early onset lycanthropy, and a chance for our Barbarian to test his muscle against some monsters of unusual size — what could possibly go wrong?