Monthly Archives: December 2015

Free Riddle Horse Script and Happy New Year

We’re looking for all the help we can for getting this new project of our’s called “Riddle Horse” up and off the ground- and  one way we are doing it is by promoting it through’s Kindle program. You can pick up a copy of the thriller/horror script at the link below and take a […]

Christmas Miracle! Bad Dream Man Arrives

Thought to be lost to the sands of time during the great ending of the Apocalypse Weird World(s), the sequel to Medium Talent has come back as a Christmas Miracle! Enjoy it on kindle today! Originally to be published on November 20th, this the second book in The Dead Keys series and follows directly up […]

Riddle Horse Starting…

The biggest update before the end of the year has to be that I am working with a talented few on a feature film called “Riddle Horse” which is scheduled to be shot in March/April 2016. Besides writing novels full time, I’ve been lucky enough to put together a couple of short films in the past […]