Free Riddle Horse Script and Happy New Year

We’re looking for all the help we can for getting this new project of our’s called “Riddle Horse” up and off the ground- and  one way we are doing it is by promoting it through’s Kindle program. You can pick up a copy of the thriller/horror script at the link below and take a look at what we are trying to accomplish- and chances are, you are going to like it a lot.

We did, anyway. I did of course. I’m biased. Just a little bit. But if you like what you read, kick us a buck or 5000. It’s a hell of a good idea and the only thing we really need is the funding. Everything is in place.


So here’s the proper links:

For getting yourself a free copy of the script: 

For giving us some money to make it into a film: Kickstarter

Also, we’ve gotten ourselves a new cover for the script thanks to Miranda Koryluk. Take a look of what she has.

Thanks again! And Happy New Year if we don’t talk soon, which, well, you know we never do talk now do we?


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