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The Not Real North Korean Crisis Explained

Since there seems to be a mass panic about North Korea and Donald Trump spreading over social media, I’m gonna take a moment to state what I seriously think is happening. I could be wrong, but if I am, no one will care since *ahem* we will all have bigger fish to fry then going […]

Live@The Benbow Inn: The Time Looter Episode

Discussing the greatest serial novel about time travel fiction ever possibly made, TIME LOOTER, which has its first installment.   “Scathing lunacy. Back to the Future meets Idiocracy.” ~ Jim Butcher CASEY ATLAS was good at picking pockets. It was one of the few things he’d ever bothered to do well. Casey was also tall, […]

LTBI: The TC Elliott Interview

  We bring author TC Elliott on to tell us about the JFK assassination, the American Jack the Ripper, and Todd Barselow rattles his drink full of ice to be a jerk as it screws up the sound for our show and make it more uncomfortable than usual at the Benbow Inn. TC Elliott is […]

Live at the Benbow Inn (Ep. 3- Grim Predictions)

  A reasonable and thoughtful discussion about civilization falling apart, AI taking over and murdering us, deadly self-driving vehicles, millions losing their jobs and Harrison Ford’s future hobby as an android hunter in three years. Feature the voice acting of: Forbes West (Author of Nighthawks at the Mission, Apocalypse Weird: Medium Talent) Chris Pourteau […]

New Short Story (Sort Of): Day For Night

Key West, 1981. The beers are cold, the nights are hot, and a mind-bending new arcade machine is about to turn the life of one innocent bartender upside down. Reality and illusion mix in this tale of a terror that lurks in the alleys and bars of a beach town after dark. [Originally Published in […]

Have You Ever Thought About the World Ending, You Jerk?

Have you? I don’t think so. I know that for a fact. Really, I do. You see, you are here, sitting in front of your computer, complacent as a cat on a warm windowsill, thinking, well the end will never come for me. I’m just going to play with ball of yarn and think of […]

The Forbes West Guide to Surviving The Apocalypse (AW Blog Post)

The Forbes West Guide to Surviving The Apocalypse Hey there, Forbes West here, talking to you from sunny Southern California and I’m here to take a moment out of my drinking day to tell you how you can survive something that many of us inexplicably look forward to because we cannot stand the monotony of a relatively […]

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not (AW Blog)

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not 13 Look, sit down with Uncle Forbes here a second. Pull up a chair, grab that bottle of Wild Turkey 101 proof or whatever you got. Give me it, stop saying you won’t because you will, and look at it my way.   Here’s the story, toots. Indies usually […]

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! (An AW Blog Post)

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! 305   Zombies. Nuclear attacks. Sadistic criminal gangs. Freakish monsters. Evil Bureaucrats. Mad Scientists. Polar bears. Welcome to Apocalypse Weird’s world, everybody! Yes, it’s dark. Darker than you ever imagined. It’s sick and cruel and twisted and ugly and you’ll wonder about their mental states and the current spiritual […]

Yes, I’m Playing D&D Online.

I’m playing Dungeons and Dragons now. I play it like a champ- with a lot of whining, inability to pay attention to the plot, and constantly asking for assistance. I am that kind of player. You know, the kind of player on Saturday night that spills red wine all over the monopoly money and then […]