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      WHAT’S THIS? Snazzy new cover????? NIGHTHAWKS AT THE MISSION???   WHAT’S THIS, AGAIN? It’s for $1.00 RIGHT NOW.   NOW, SERIOUSLY. WHAT IS THIS AGAIN? A SALE. FOR A DAMN GOOD BOOK. “This is a compelling look at what the term “Go west, young man” might mean in a SciFi future when […]

Apocalypse Weird- A Little Introduction…

  Click onto the image to go directly to the Apocalypse Weird website Apocalypse Weird ( officially launched last Monday, February 23rd with a new and exciting line up of books from some good friends/great authors that I have had the great privilege to work with.  It’s a no holds barred series of books based on […]

Forbes on Fiction Episode Ten, Lesson from Japan

I passed out for a few hours on the kitchen floor to be gently awoken by my cat licking my face and the gentle sounds of Detective Conan (AKA Cased Closed) playing on the living room television. I stumbled out to the living room cursing, slumped onto the coach and stared at the large screen […]

Forbes on Fiction Episode Nine: Sometimes Less is More (Except with Booze)

Ha! You see that! I made another alcohol and drug related joke! Anyway, Breaking Bad is fuckin’ great. Great fuckin’ show. Just fuckin’ great. I used to think that for the longest time “The Sopranos” was the greatest show in the history of television ( I never watched too much of The Wire, though supposedly […]