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Live@The Benbow: The Greg Wilkey Interview

  Todd Barselow sticks his nose into the tent and makes it uncomfortable for everyone as I try to conduct a proper interview with Greg Wilkey, successful indie writer of the “Mortimer Drake” series of novels. When Greg Wilkey has a chance to speak, he talks of writing, creativity, and Anne Rice. Powered by Thirdscribe. […]

Christmas Miracle! Bad Dream Man Arrives

Thought to be lost to the sands of time during the great ending of the Apocalypse Weird World(s), the sequel to Medium Talent has come back as a Christmas Miracle! Enjoy it on kindle today! Originally to be published on November 20th, this the second book in The Dead Keys series and follows directly up […]

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not (AW Blog)

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not 13 Look, sit down with Uncle Forbes here a second. Pull up a chair, grab that bottle of Wild Turkey 101 proof or whatever you got. Give me it, stop saying you won’t because you will, and look at it my way.   Here’s the story, toots. Indies usually […]