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Live at the Benbow Inn #6: Michael Bunker…

Michael Bunker, successful self-published author, stops in to sing Wagner tunes, curse loudly and promise violence against those who oppose him. Not really. He talks about how his book PENNSYLVANIA was written and optioned to a movie production company, and the trials and tribulations of turning a novel into a screenplay, and Kevin Costner’s slander […]

Episode 6: Kidding Around

The first wave of ogres was no sweat. The second wave? Not so much. But hey, a race of Goat People are arrived to save the day… aaaand, we’re captives. Captured by a race of goat-people, Barabosa the Barbarian must defeat the goat-champion in order for the party to continue its quest to die horribly […]

Have You Ever Thought About the World Ending, You Jerk?

Have you? I don’t think so. I know that for a fact. Really, I do. You see, you are here, sitting in front of your computer, complacent as a cat on a warm windowsill, thinking, well the end will never come for me. I’m just going to play with ball of yarn and think of […]

Live at the Benbow Inn (Episode 2)

Live at the Benbow Inn (Episode 2: Everything Sucks in Our Scifi Future) In Episode 2, we all get down the grim and gritty realization that there is no happy future to write about and that no writer believes in anything wholesome except that’s totally not true and I just made that up because that’s […]

Live at the Benbow Inn Podcast (The Death of Zombie Fiction)

Live at the Benbow Inn (Episode 1, The Death of Zombie Fiction)   Live at the Benbow Inn! First episode ever of the future award winning podcast where drunken science fiction authors discuss random topics that would please the mind, soothe the soul, and allow you to find out how the creative mind works in […]

The Forbes West Guide to Surviving The Apocalypse (AW Blog Post)

The Forbes West Guide to Surviving The Apocalypse Hey there, Forbes West here, talking to you from sunny Southern California and I’m here to take a moment out of my drinking day to tell you how you can survive something that many of us inexplicably look forward to because we cannot stand the monotony of a relatively […]

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! (An AW Blog Post)

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! 305   Zombies. Nuclear attacks. Sadistic criminal gangs. Freakish monsters. Evil Bureaucrats. Mad Scientists. Polar bears. Welcome to Apocalypse Weird’s world, everybody! Yes, it’s dark. Darker than you ever imagined. It’s sick and cruel and twisted and ugly and you’ll wonder about their mental states and the current spiritual […]