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Nighthawks Paperback Discount Code!

The Nighthawks at the Mission paperback is now available through CreateSpace. We also have this nifty little code that gives you 15% off the retail price. Input this code after adding the book to your basket: G6KPGFFW  

Ep. 17 of “Literary Outlaws”

Things get a little out of control on this episode! Michael Bunker is writing a very personal work of Literary Fiction called Hell & the Sea. He’s releasing it a chapter at a time through his Patreon account. We wanted to find out more. Is Patreon a good choice for authors? Is there still a […]

Live at the Benbow Inn: Season One Finale!

  Episode 7 of Live at the Benbow Inn gets out to a rough and insipid start with a discussion on what pushed good men into the terrifying field of writing science fiction. Feature the voice acting of: Forbes West (Author of Nighthawks at the Mission, Apocalypse Weird: Medium Talent and Bad Dream Man) […]

Live at the Benbow Inn Podcast (The Death of Zombie Fiction)

Live at the Benbow Inn (Episode 1, The Death of Zombie Fiction)   Live at the Benbow Inn! First episode ever of the future award winning podcast where drunken science fiction authors discuss random topics that would please the mind, soothe the soul, and allow you to find out how the creative mind works in […]

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not (AW Blog)

Indies Usually Suck, But Apocalypse Weird Does Not 13 Look, sit down with Uncle Forbes here a second. Pull up a chair, grab that bottle of Wild Turkey 101 proof or whatever you got. Give me it, stop saying you won’t because you will, and look at it my way.   Here’s the story, toots. Indies usually […]