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LTBI: Drunk Literature Episode “Sun Also Rises”

Talking about goddamn literature. While drunk. Not my original idea, Jon Frater’s special one, but boy it’s a doozy. Special thanks to Jon Frater and that asshole Michael Bunker, who’s worthless at everything. Powered by Featuring the voice acting of: Forbes West (Author of Nighthawks at the Mission) Michael Bunker (Author of Brother, […]

Christmas Miracle! Bad Dream Man Arrives

Thought to be lost to the sands of time during the great ending of the Apocalypse Weird World(s), the sequel to Medium Talent has come back as a Christmas Miracle! Enjoy it on kindle today! Originally to be published on November 20th, this the second book in The Dead Keys series and follows directly up […]

Our Love Affair with Strong Characters (An AW Blog Post)

Our Love Affair with Strong Characters 112 Apocalypse Weird is all about the killing of the world. We love it. We like to see body counts and monsters and bad people ruining the lives of good people. Heck, we just can’t get enough out of it. Now why do we do it? Why do we […]