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Episode 13: After the Goblin King…

…Comes the Portal. And also a God Lich. No big whoop. The final episode of season one is here! Who will live and who will die? Will Gonsalvo be undone by another critical rope failure? Can Barabosa outmuscle an ancient sorcerer? Our cleric is low on spells, our monk is pondering the nature of transcendence, the elf is […]

Forbes on Fiction Episode Nine: Sometimes Less is More (Except with Booze)

Ha! You see that! I made another alcohol and drug related joke! Anyway, Breaking Bad is fuckin’ great. Great fuckin’ show. Just fuckin’ great. I used to think that for the longest time “The Sopranos” was the greatest show in the history of television ( I never watched too much of The Wire, though supposedly […]