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Live at the Benbow Inn #6: Michael Bunker…

Michael Bunker, successful self-published author, stops in to sing Wagner tunes, curse loudly and promise violence against those who oppose him. Not really. He talks about how his book PENNSYLVANIA was written and optioned to a movie production company, and the trials and tribulations of turning a novel into a screenplay, and Kevin Costner’s slander […]

Live at the Benbow Inn: CTRL ALT REVOLT!

  A very special episode of Live at the Benbow Inn concerning the tangled and interesting backstory of CTRL ALT REVOLT! by Nick Cole. CTRL ALT REVOLT! , a prequel novel to his hit SODA POP SOLDIERl that deals with the rise of an Artificial Intelligence which revolts against humanity, was originally slated to be […]

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! (An AW Blog Post)

Cheer up, the Apocalypse is Here! 305   Zombies. Nuclear attacks. Sadistic criminal gangs. Freakish monsters. Evil Bureaucrats. Mad Scientists. Polar bears. Welcome to Apocalypse Weird’s world, everybody! Yes, it’s dark. Darker than you ever imagined. It’s sick and cruel and twisted and ugly and you’ll wonder about their mental states and the current spiritual […]