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LTBI: The TC Elliott Interview

  We bring author TC Elliott on to tell us about the JFK assassination, the American Jack the Ripper, and Todd Barselow rattles his drink full of ice to be a jerk as it screws up the sound for our show and make it more uncomfortable than usual at the Benbow Inn. TC Elliott is […]

Time for Horror After Halloween

Check out this little horror story done by myself and a very mysterious gentleman that goes by the moniker Harleigh C. Marsh. It’s a quick read, it’s fun, and it’ll make you wonder what the authors were on when they wrote it. It’s that sort of tale. Click on the link here: The Joshua Tree Story

Forbes on Fiction: Robot Jox’s Constant Rape Jokes

DISCLAIMER: I was going to write a whole review of Robot Jox and explain why this “bad” film could have been a masterpiece if it wasn’t for it’s incredible shifts in tone, but that’s gonna have to wait just a bit.  Robot Jox is full of  rape jokes and rape imagery. I, watching this film […]